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Boiler repair and service in Winnipeg.

Whether you have an old or new boiler, gas or electric, regular service and maintenance can help prevent costly repairs at inopportune times. If you are looking for knowledgeable people to take care of your boiler repair requirements in Winnipeg, Balcaen and Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is the company you can depend on. We understand that it is difficult to be without heat in the middle of the winter, and hence, our staff is available 24*7 to cater to any boiler repair service need you may have. Our dedicated staff comprises licensed plumbers and technicians with everything they need to clean and maintain your boiler heating system to keep you warm when it matters the most. We also provide other services such as plumbing, air conditioning, etc. Connect with our Winnipeg team if you notice changes in the system’s heating performance and require boiler repair service.


Some of the usual symptoms that indicate you need to call boiler repair service experts:


No heat at all: This may be brought on by air in the system, malfunctions with the valves or circulation pump, a drop in water level, or problems with the thermostat.


Water leak: A boiler system might have water leaks from various sources. While some are easily fixed, others might result in significant component failure.


Strange noises: In general, a boiler system ought to run quietly. The noises of gurgling, whistling, pounding, and rumbling typically indicate a problem, but only a skilled boiler expert can pinpoint the issue and its severity.


Pilot light going off: The gas might be getting turned off due to a faulty thermocouple.


Low water issues: Every boiler needs a specific amount of water pressure. A safety cutoff switch will automatically turn off the boiler if the pressure falls below that mark. Low pressure may result from various problems, including leaks, the air in the system, and expansion tank concerns.


Radiators not heating up completely: Sludge build-up or air in the system due to several sources might be to blame.


Please don’t wait for these signs to evolve, and call our boiler repair experts in Winnipeg to resolve all the issues.


Get quality boiler repair services from our dedicated and experienced team.

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"Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness & Value"

We got up this Sunday morning to a cold house. Furnace was not working. Phone Balcaen & Sons to see if they could come out. The gentleman on the 24 hour helpline took my information and told me a service man would call me. Within 5 minutes, the service man did call and I told him about our problem, and he told me that he could probably be over in about an hour or so. His name was Mike B. He came over as he said, diagnosed the problem, and then told us a switch needed to be replaced. He was able to get the switch and was back at our house within a couple of hours and got the furnace going. I could not ask for a nicer and more courteous young service man. Thanks Mike B. for the wonderful service you gave us.

- Ron C.

"Superb Service, Worth Every Penny"

Hundred year old home, and Chris and DT came in and sorted out our busted boiler incredibly fast. They were straight shooters and briefed me on all the details during the process. These guys were superb and worth every penny. I'm happy to have guys like this helping out our old neighborhood and old homes with sincerity and expertise.

- Johnny M.

"Great Service. Loved It!"

I was taking care of a relative's place when their furnace died. Balcaen and Sons called me back after 15 mins and was able to come out within another 15 mins. Jeff (I think) was super nice, looked at everything, and shut off the water etc for me in the house and communicated with them via speaker phone on things. Well done! Great service.

- Jenny W.

"Highly Recommended"

What a great team! Experience goes a long way when you want something done right! Highly recommend these people!

- Dale L.

"Excellent Service at Fair Prices"

I've used this company a number of times for a number of issues. That alone is rare praise. I get the feeling that they care, they listen, and they provide "fair" value. Having repeat customers and establishing a good reputation/brand seem to be part of their service. In the world of contracting, that is a rare value.

- Jeff G.

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