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A functional plumbing system ensures you can clean your dishes, wash clothes and complete other tasks. What happens when your sink or toilet becomes clogged? A clogged drain is a nightmare come true. Balcaen and Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning in Winnipeg offers professional drain cleaning services to relieve you of that stress and help you maintain your daily routine. Our experts have over 85+ years of experience and, hence, are experienced enough to identify the problem and get your drain flowing again quickly. Our staff can offer you expert drain cleaning services in Winnipeg, no matter how blocked a drain is with grease, hair, food waste, or grease.


There could be many causes behind drain blockage. Call our professional drain cleaning team today, so they can look into the situation and provide reliable solutions to get you back up and running.


Balcaen and Sons offers drain clearing with cabled machines or jetting. We also offer drain camera and line location services.


It is not unknown that grease or hair can be a major source of a blockage. In such scenarios, you need a fast and efficient drain cleaning service, because no one likes standing water. A clogged drain leads to an unbearable situation that nobody wants to encounter both in their residence or workplace. You can rely on our expertise and team to help you ease the situation. They can dispense dirty water from your property quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for emergency services, and we’ll be at your doorstep as soon as possible.


If your home needs drain cleaning service, you may have noticed these warning signs:


Drainage takes time: One of the early signs that you require drain cleaning service is when water takes forever to go down that drain or if the plumbing gurgles as water drains.


Toilet overflow: If your toilet clogs, bubbles, or overflows quite frequently, it could be your sewer line has a problem that a professional plumber can solve.


Water backs up: When you have a clog in your pipes, you will notice that water will start to fill up your sink and not drain. Later on, this can cause water damage if left unattended to; hence, ignoring this issue is not ideal.


Bad odour: When something is blocking your drain, a foul odour usually starts to come in. It could be grease or food particles blocking your drain.


Don't wait until you are facing one or all of these issues. Clogs won’t fix themselves, and you need a professional to intervene here. At Balcaen and Sons  we will assess your problem from all angles and provide you with a correct estimate. To schedule an appointment, fill out the form or call us now.


We have the right team and tools to care for your drain cleaning needs.

Balcaen & Sons Plumber


We got up this Sunday morning to a cold house. Furnace was not working. Phone Balcaen & Sons to see if they could come out. The gentleman on the 24 hour helpline took my information and told me a service man would call me. Within 5 minutes, the service man did call and I told him about our problem, and he told me that he could probably be over in about an hour or so. His name was Mike B. He came over as he said, diagnosed the problem, and then told us a switch needed to be replaced. He was able to get the switch and was back at our house within a couple of hours and got the furnace going. I could not ask for a nicer and more courteous young service man. Thanks Mike B. for the wonderful service you gave us.

- RON C.

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