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Coming home to a cold house is a dreadful thought. A broken furnace can be worrisome, and we don’t want you to go through that. In order to alleviate such situations, Balcaen and Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning in Winnipeg offers furnace repairs and service in addition to selling and installing them. It’s our job to ensure you have the comfort you deserve in your home.

Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem, resolve it and recommend the right course of action. Furthermore, we will strive to get to the root cause of the issue and give you the answers you need to educate you on the matter and strive to increase the energy-efficiency of your furnaces.


In Winnipeg, factoring in air conditioning season, some furnaces run 24 hours per day for the entire year. It is little wonder that manufacturers believe that a furnace has a life expectancy of 15 years although specific instances might be longer. Perfecting functionality, efficiency and the longest life possible are the goals of robust testing, installation and maintenance.


Furnace Installation: At Balcaen & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning, we can help you select a furnace that fits your home and budget.


Furnace Maintenance: A well-tuned furnace will maximize efficiency and reduce your heating bills. It will also support furnace warranties that require service, usually on an annual basis.


Furnace Repair: Newer furnaces are self-diagnosing and can display the causes of furnace problems. This technology reduces the length of service calls and ultimately your bill. Our technicians will diagnose the cause of any issues, provide a written quotation for the repair and proceed with that repair only when you understand the issues and agree to the estimate. We will also search for any available warranty.


The decision to replace or repair your existing furnace depends on costs in most cases. An important detail to remember is that all of the parts in the existing furnace are the same age unless other parts have already been replaced. All parts will fatigue, and the replacement of your furnace is inevitable. The decision then becomes “when is it time to replace my furnace”?


We recommend that if your furnace is 14 years old and the repair bill is more than 30% of the price of a new furnace, you should replace the furnace.


Loud noise: If your furnace begins making loud noises, you could have a variety of issues related to a motor. If left unattended matters will get worse and additional damage frequently occurs.


Electrical problems: When you notice flickering lights or strange sounds while the furnace is working, call a maintenance specialist immediately.


Furnace emitting gas: Natural gas smells like rotten eggs because it has been ‘scented’ to do so. Exhaust fumes from a natural gas furnace are odorless and can be deadly. Call the Gas Company if you have any strange smell near a gas furnace or gas water heater and open a nearby window immediately. Use a Carbon Monoxide Detector on every level of your home.


The furnace pushes out cold air: You have installed a furnace to keep your space warm in the cold winter. Cold air coming from the vents could be something as simple as the thermostat being in the “FAN ON” position rather than “AUTO”. It could also be more serious, warranting prompt attention by a technician.


Collection of dust in the house: Furnaces have computerized technology that operates correctly when it is free of dust and debris. Furnace filters are designed to provide protection for the furnace. Newer filters also improve indoor air quality. If you are noticing dust in your home, the condition will be worse in the furnace and a technician should clean your furnace and address the filter, as soon as possible.


Balcaen & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning are known for their passion for excellence and strong workmanship. We are committed to keeping your heating systems and furnaces fully functional, so you remain safe and comfortable in your homes. Call us when you need us in Winnipeg, whether for furnace repair, servicing or installation.


To avoid unexpected breakdowns, experts suggest regular maintenance and servicing of your furnace. This approach will ensure it runs efficiently for as long as possible. Call us when you need us, whether it’s for furnace repairs, servicing or installation.


Balcaen & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning , Winnipeg’s friend in the business for 85 years!

Balcaen & Sons Plumber


We got up this Sunday morning to a cold house. Furnace was not working. Phone Balcaen & Sons to see if they could come out. The gentleman on the 24 hour helpline took my information and told me a service man would call me. Within 5 minutes, the service man did call and I told him about our problem, and he told me that he could probably be over in about an hour or so. His name was Mike B. He came over as he said, diagnosed the problem, and then told us a switch needed to be replaced. He was able to get the switch and was back at our house within a couple of hours and got the furnace going. I could not ask for a nicer and more courteous young service man. Thanks Mike B. for the wonderful service you gave us.

- RON C.

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